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Try This

This helped me become more focused during meditation.

When our eyes more it means that we are thinking or that we are preparing to think.

So if you do not want to think at that given moment ensure that your eyes are still.

While meditating keep your eyes still.

It can help you relax.

I do this and keep my eyes open, or partially open.

Even if you choose to close them you can still be aware of your eyes moving when they're closed. To see how you can stare with your eyes closed, simply, pick a point on the back of your eyelids and focus on it. You will feel the movement. At least I do.

There are lots of weird apparent correlations between emotion, thought and tensions and twitches in your muscles, many of which have been studied in the lab, e.g. anxiety-related twitching or small movements in your throat related to subvocalization.

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