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Picture This

The quietness of the city. It is still, only a couple of other earl birds. This is the time of day before everyone gets up to do their thing, goes crazy, gets stressed, so there are no cars on the road.

If you go to the gym there will be very few people there. By the time you get ready for your first break you will have this feeling of accomplishment. And maybe, just maybe you get of doing more before 7am than some people do in a day. For me the rest of the day to myself after work make it really worth the effort to adapt my schedule. Because I do leave earlier.

It is one of those sensations that makes you say: "wow, this is great!"

Sure, it takes a time to reset your internal clock. Can it be done? Sure it can. And I find it is totally worth it!

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I Am Not Alone

It has been shown again and again that getting up early really improves your productivity. If it didn’t, why would so many successful people do it?
  1. Dan Akerson – General Motors
  2. Richard Branson – Virgin
  3. Tim Cook – Apple
  4. David Cush – Virgin America
  5. Benjamin FranklinEarly to bed, early to rise!
  6. John Grisham
  7. Ernest Hemingway
  8. Robert Iger – Disney
  9. Napoleon
  10. Barack Obama
  11. Condoleeza Rice
  12. Margaret Thatcher
Get up at 5.00 AM you’d be in good company.  
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I’m There For You

I understand. Really I do. I know that it is tough to get moving first thing in the morning, especially for people who aren’t “morning people“. I was there. Morning people? That is a myth. It should be people with good habits. And you can be that person, too. It’s not impossible, though it might be hard at first. To make it easier do something you love first thing in the morning. Reward yourself. Seriously, you will learn to enjoy your mornings more, especially if you have demands on your other free time. All you need is the willpower to actually get out of bed. If it is an honest aspiration that keep going. It feels great reaching your goals!
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Changing Habits Is A Waiting Game

Don’t get frustrated if you can’t immediately shake a bad habit, even if you really want to. It takes longer than that to change your habits. It is a matter of determination and time. I broke my bad habit of getting stressed when I was running late in the morning. But I kept getting up early, avoided all caffeine after noon, got up early on weekends and vacation days. I had a problem that I could not fall asleep when I went to bed early, normally. Then I changed it so that I wouldn’t get into bed until I felt at least little drowsy since as you know yourself forcing it can make it harder. When I was working on getting into a better routine I read that it takes two full weeks for us to reset our sleep schedule. Then you need to work another week, so 21 days, before it becomes an actual habit. Otherwise you can easily drop it again. My caffeine rule is not negotiable. For me I react really pretty sensitively to caffeine. But I guess it depends on the person. If you can sleep fine with a cup of tea or coffee in the afternoon it probably isn’t a big deal. Also I skip screen time. Artificial blue light stimulates you as if it was a bright day and slows down melatonin secretion. For me this is worse than caffeine!