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Guided Meditations

I’ve tried numerous guided meditations and the majority are rubbish. Hemi-sync is fine. Well, I tell myself that since I have the entire set. However, it is more for attempting out-of-body experiences than real meditation. Many years ago I did try one guided meditation CD, it was in a group setting, that simply talked the listener into a deeply relaxed state and it was very effective. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you the name of the CD but I am mentioning it to let you know that good guided meditations do exist, but at least in my experience, they are few and far between. What I think we need to consider is that the idea that guided meditations are untested Western inventions, and perhaps have little to do with a proper meditation practice. Guided meditations are a recent invention. They are a useful device, and certainly help maintain interest in meditation, but they are training wheels at best. On the one hand, modern experimentation is great and to be encouraged – biofeedback, apps, online teachings and the like. On the other, it’s important to be on the lookout for sham meditation – often via CDs and mp3s – being used to make money for people who have very little interest in our long term well being. Meditate without any guide as soon as possible. At some point you had to learn walking without someone holding your hand too.
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