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My View On Meditation

You don’t need anything but your present moment, after all thats all there is. A “need” is an aggression towards yourself and your present moment. A need to improve is an aggression toward yourself hindering your ability to improve. A need to make more use of your time is a thief that robs you of the here and now. It is easy to grasp, but to master it, you must first master yourself. When I got started I realized that it as hard to handle a prolonged session. For example when I started it was impossible to gain relaxation of the facial muscles, especially eyes muscles. Over time it helped me quite a bit just noticing how the eye movements would change and decrease after a while, and when they finally stop it’s a very good feeling. If I had had one piece of advice given to me back when I first started I think that it would have been to start small. When people talk with me about it, I suggest very short snippets of time in every kind of situation. Like that you do not need to sped long stretches of time meditating and becoming frustrated when it feels like you are not making progress. Even 20 seconds or even 5 secs at a time, but the key here is doing it many times. This isn’t a real substitute for longer meditation sessions but it helps quite a bit to get a hang on starting, and above all it helps a lot to develop “presence” of mind. It’s definitely helpful especially if you work in front of a screen all day long. The reason is because that can produce a nasty state of mind, one which almost erases the effects of meditation. I use it during the day while I am at work in short bursts to refocus. When I am getting drained I will do it. Sometimes without even realizing it. Basically I don’t have any excuse how to do it, I need to practice not to do it. At least all of the time. Especially during my commute. Some preach long sessions only, they see them as the only way to go but then again, start small. Its better being consistent than pushing for long seshions and ending up being unmotivated to sit for 30 min each time. My bottomline view is that it is important to do shorter sessions. Even if you don’t get the full benefit. Sit 5 minutes, even less if that is too much. Start from there and as you progress you might wanna do longer periods.