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The Big Rustic City

I lived in Chicago, it is not the biggest city but we are enough removed from the country landscape that you would not notice. When I was last there I realized that you really can tell that it is located in the Midwest. There was so much rustic fashion for lack of a better word. But not just that it was the whole ambiance. One of my best friends from high school will be getting married in a couple of months and I am expected to attend. Actually I said “you want me to come?” to which she responded “I expect you to come.” SO I don’t really have any way out I guess. Which is fine, it will be a blast if I know her. Which I thought I did. But in high school she was totally into techno. It wasn’t out of place in our school, but it wasn’t main stream either. Now she has gone total country. She rattled off a list of possible songs and you can find them on the Billboard Top 50 for country music. I asked her since when she like country music. She responded since she realized it didn’t suck. That was a change, the girl only listened to trance and techno anything else didn’t make her playlist. Now she is even going back to Johnny Cash. I have never met the fiancee, that will come soon enough, maybe he is a total country stud. Though that sounds a little bit wrong now that I type it out. Forget you ever read that! 🙂 I am curious to see what else she has on the plan. Stay tuned for an update.
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