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Up Early

… out with the sun! You could say that your bed is comfortable, it is safe. Nothing can hurt, you, but you also can’t do anything from your bed. It is a cage that you have to be willing to leave. Are you willing? I am. Picture this a young woman at home sitting on comfy chair in front of window relaxing in her living room reading book. There‚Äôs something magical about the smell of fresh air in the morning. The stillness, the tranquility. You miss out on that if you are still under the comforter. So it is in bed early, up early for me. It really is that simple. There are so many great reasons that sleeping early is difficult to achieve on a regular basis. To do so consistently you must manage your time effectively. But it is as simple as that. Therefore getting up in the morning itself isn’t the only thing that will add to your productiveness. I believe that choosing the hard option is always best. Getting up early, at least at first is hard. Still if you are willing to get out of bed at 5 or 6am is going to provide you with so much more time than the rest of the world. It comes down to a sort of self-mastery. But only in the beginning. In a world where competition is the fruit of success, you must understand that getting up at these hours puts you ahead of pretty much everyone. If done successfully this will give you the slight edge in pursuing whatever you choose. You can argue that this is all subjective to the individual and maybe some people can get work done at night time. On the other hand I would argue that it’s actually a more intelligent act to wake up as early as possible. Why? Because you can take advantage of the quite hours of the morning. This time can be utilized to get more done and start your day off better. Staying in bed is self defeating. Defeating this obstacle reinforces a healthy mindset. If within the first minute of the day you successfully overcome this hurdle, you are more likely to do the same with your day. It is a pattern that will repeat itself in other aspects of your life as well. How common is it for you to be in a breakneck rush in the early hours, before work, university, whatever do for a living? For me it as like that all of the time, up, teeth, hair, makeup, food (no just coffee). This left me in a really stressful state with no ideal way to start the day. I made a change though so instead of the hectic rush to get out – picture instead – I have exercised, eaten some healthy food, read a book that I enjoy, had a refreshing shower. Research has always shown that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And exercise has benefits on our focus and concentration, even in our short term memory. It is also easy to use to use to our benefit. As humans are very habit oriented. That is to say that we fall into routines very easily. And while structure can provide great benefits, it can also go the other direction and that is the one most people choose. It is easy, fun, and comfortable. The longer that I do it has made one thing clear for me it really does make me more successful. No wonder some of the most successful people emphasize the importance of starting your day off early. Just remember eight hour of sleep. No more, no less!
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